EXPERIENCE PACIFICA: Reasons why you should visit this paradise

Pacifica State Beach is not only famous because of its majestic coastline and breathtaking sights, it is also a year-round favorite surfing getaway destination for experienced surfers and beginners alike.

Pacifica State Beach is a wide crescent shaped beach that marks the northern gateway to the coastline stretching south of San Francisco. Pacifica State Beach or Linda Mar to some, offers a wide variety of activities to choose from.

Families and groups can bond and relax while watching the waves. Kids and adults will definitely be blown away by the dolphins, whales and seals that frequently show up on the beach area. A long walk on the shoreline early in the morning would be a perfect way to start your day and end it with the picturesque view of the sunset.

mori point 2

Photo: Rashad Sisemore, The Chronicle

For nature lovers, interacting with nature is also a good idea, like hiking at the Mori Point. Mori Point offers hikers an unparalleled 360 degrees view of the Pacifica when you reach the top. You can either go for a tough hike up the cliff side or a casual walk, just be cautious of the varied terrain. The impeccable views to see make this place a favorite tourist destination.

Parking is free, it is best if you park near the pier and walk along the coast to the trail head. Bring your jacket because it can get windy sometimes. The place is dog-friendly, so you can bring your dogs with you, be sure they are on leash.

surfing pacifica
If hiking is not your thing, you can go surfing in one best surf spots in California that is Linda Mar. The beach is located at Highway 1 in downtown Pacifica. From San Francisco: take Highway 1 South then exit San Pedro Ave From Half Moon Bay: take Highway 1 North exit San Pedro Ave. Local surfers, pro and non-pro flock the place for an awesome surfing experience, so it’s almost always consistently busy on most days of the week.

Arrive early to avoid the surge of local surfers.

Non-surfers and nature trippers can go for a gastronomic adventure here anytime. Pacifica State Beach is situated near the city, so local restaurants serving a smorgasbord of delectable food can be enjoyed by the tourists. Taco Bell restaurant is also conveniently located within the area offering a scenic view of the Pacific, a great place to dine and unwind.

Ample parking space is available for the beach goers (which will cost you some bucks. Bathrooms and showers are also available.


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