Pacifica Beach Hotel

You have actually stumbled upon a blog that will serve you a smorgasbord of fun good reads. If you love to replenish the empty thoughts in your head, this blog is the right choice. If you enjoy travelling a lot, this is for you. Or if you love to be updated with the latest news in Pacifica, California, definitely this blog is for you.

What if you are part of the pool of people who just love to read anything and everything under the sun? Ill say it again, this blog is for YOU. See. This is not about US. Its about YOU our dear readers and how you can make the most of your visit in the beautiful city of Pacifica, California!

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  1. I support everything pacifica and the coastal region.. Pacifica first as it is my home. My work is featured at multiple locations on the coast. I’d be happy to share more. My prints are fairly unique, as I print on metal and multi panel canvas. In addition to my coastal art, I’m also available as a photographer. I’m currently working with a local blogger, focused on fashion, but also cross promoting local businesses. We did a shoot this past weekend at puerto 27 . Message me for more info

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